Blue Griffin Tow Truck

Whether you need a tow because of an accident or just ran out of fuel, Griffin and Griffin Towing Services has you covered. We are a 24 hour roadside assistance service covering the Columbus, GA area.

Here is a list of services we provide:


Whether you have been in an accident or your vehicle will not start. Griffin and Griffin Towing is just one call away.

Tire Change

You were just driving down the road and Blam! you have a flat tire. Call Griffin and Griffin Towing for assistance in changing your tire and getting you back on your way.


You have had a long day and when you are leaving work; your car will not start because of a dead battery. Call G & G to jump-start your car.

Battery Delivery and Installation

Battery on it’s last legs? We provide battery delivery and installation.

Lockout Service

We know what it is like to see your keys in the car and you are locked out. We provide lockout services to get you on your way.

Gas Delivery

If you run out of gas and are stuck on the side of the road, call Griffin and Griffin Towing for fast reliable fuel delivery.


Having fun mudding with your friends? Got a little too deep in the mud? Call Griffin and Griffin Towing to help get you out.

Private Property Impounds

We provide tow away services for both residential and commercial properties. Ask us about posting signs for your commercial parking solutions.